about us

For 30 years, Kedash Design has provided businesses and organizations in the greater Delaware Valley with communication design that is fresh, focused, and effective. We serve a broad range of clients, from small nonprofits to major corporations, in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer arenas. Kedash Design approaches every project, large and small, with innovative thinking, creative problem-solving, and award-winning visual design in both print and online channels.

Creative Approach. Our body of work demonstrates our ability to grasp core brand value propositions and distill them into communications that resonate with the target audience, in venues ranging from printed materials and publications to advertising and websites. We do not design for design’s sake, but rather, to advance the business proposition. In all that we do, we insist on functional design that delights the audience, executed with impeccable production values. To borrow a phrase from the online lexicon, Kedash Design creates exceptional and effective user experiences, regardless of the communication medium.

A Design Practice Built on Collaboration. Kedash Design is itself a lean, efficient organization, but through the power of collaboration, our talent set and resources run deep. We have strong ties with creative resources throughout the Delaware Valley, including photographers, illustrators, Web designers, craftspeople, and other studios.

Practice Areas. Kedash Design is a strategic visual communication studio. Our primary focus is printed and online/electronic media, and by logical extension, environmental and 3D graphics. To feed our passion for the printed page, we also operate Red Oak Press, a traditional letterpress studio.